Pre-Bond and Pre-Development Services

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Completing a successful bond campaign starts with a thoughtful and deliberate pre-bond process. Partnering with Wenaha Group at the beginning of the pre-bond process gives public agencies a solid foundation and a transparent road map.

Wenaha Group prioritizes involving all stakeholders from the outset to build trust and transparency within the greater community. We approach pre-bond and pre-development planning holistically, using our experience in managing both the design and construction phases for public projects. We prioritize a collaborative effort and break down the silos.

An effective pre-bond strategy addresses the agency’s facility needs, reflects community values, and aligns with taxpayer support. Leveraging our experience, we guide districts in systematically working through a complex set of considerations, including facilities capacity and forecasted growth, bonding capacity and debt structure, site availability, equity, staff input and needs, and community input.

We serve public agencies as an impartial third party to help the agency and the community decide what is best for them. We recognize that every community is different and using our expertise, craft the pre-bond process to the individual agency and community’s needs.


  • Develop pre-bond process and schedule of activities
  • Drive pre-bond process forward
  • Assist district in setting goals for process
  • Plan and facilitate community bond development committee/task force
  • Serve as subject matter expert on public construction projects - advise on best practices, lessons learned, market conditions
  • Advise on public procurement requirements, support procurement as needed
  • Advise on preliminary project schedule and construction phasing for informed cost estimates
  • Advise on construction delivery method options
  • Staff and community outreach
  • Coordinate with bond financial consultant
  • Coordinate architect’s site planning, zoning research, and preliminary design work
  • Coordinate cost estimating
  • Coordinate with communications consultant’s work on strategy, surveys, outreach, and messaging
  • Coordinate with city and/or county jurisdictions
  • Recommend and coordinate additional consultants to support process as needed

Oregon K-12 Education Services

  • Oregon School Capital Improvement Matching (OSCIM) grant - advise on timing and submit application
  • Oregon Department of Education (ODE) Facility Assessment
  • ODE Long Range Facility Planning

Washington K-12 Education Services

  • Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) D-Forms - advise on strategy, timing, and create content 
  • OSPI Study and Survey 
  • OSPI Building Condition Assessment (BCA)
  • Project Review Committee (PRC) strategy and review process

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Meet the Pre-Bond and Pre-Development Team

Cassie Hibbert, Assoc. DBIA

Senior Project Manager

As a recently added service to our clients, we customize our Pre-Bond and Pre-Development approach, in partnership with client leads, to establish specific roles and responsibilities, communication modalities, budget, and schedules.

Meet the Team