Yakima School District Bond Program Phase 1

A.C. Davis High School is an iconic and historic facility located on two city blocks in downtown Yakima. We managed a total modernization on the facility that was accomplished in several phases over a three-year period. Accomplishing this safely without disruption to school operations, on budget, and on schedule took a total team effort by everyone involved. The scope of work totaled over 300,000 square feet and included a combination of new construction and modernization. We facilitated an intense and continuous planning and communication process to allow the work to proceed efficiently while ensuring school operations could continue safely and without disruption. As with any complex remodel project, unforeseen conditions often required us to modify plans quickly which required a great deal of creativity and clear, concise daily communications. The planning and communication procedures we developed, as well as lessons-learned on this incredibly complex project, have served us well on many similar projects.

ProjectBond Program
RoleProject Manager
Size300,000 SF