Metro Blue Lake Refurbishment

Metro Blue Lake Refurbishment Metro Blue Lake Refurbishment Metro Blue Lake Refurbishment Metro Blue Lake Refurbishment

The first phase consisted of, but was not limited to, providing all materials, labor and equipment to make park entry improvements including site clearing, grubbing, grading, erosion control, storm water facilities, asphalt entry drives, curbing, lane markings, signs, water quality swales, catch basins, a dry well, landscaping, irrigation, post and cable fence, prefabricated booths with foundations, utilities and exterior customizations and miscellaneous site work. Work also included installation of site furnishings, owner-furnished Ventech ticket machines, entry gates, and signage.

The second phase included removal of three wood structures used for viewing or bridging the wetland within the park and replacing them with steel-framed structures on the modified existing concrete footings. Scheduling was an important factor as demolition of the elevated deck structures and reconstruction of piers could only occur when water levels in the wetland have receded enough to expose the concrete footings. Asphalt trails connecting these surfaces were also replaced with compacted gravel. The third phase consisted of demolishing the existing restroom facilities and then replacing them with four new, pre-engineered restroom buildings. Each restroom building consists of eight single-occupancy restrooms, associated utility connections, and adjacent landscaping. The park remained open during this process so coordination with park staff was critical.

ProjectPark Improvements & Additions
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