Educational Consulting

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Educational Supports

Facilitating Community-Driven Strategic Planning

Our team partners with school and community members to create a process and clear strategies that bring together the head and heart of many people to form a shared set of values, beliefs, goals, and commitments.

Providing Capitol Projects Community Engagement

Whether as part of the capital project and/or long-range facility planning committees our group-organizing strategies ensure schools and families work together to create healthy communities. Our director, Dr. Quaempts, whose 20 years in public education, has proven she has the passion and skill set to help build strong two-way partnerships between schools and families.

Strengthening Student Leadership

Our skilled educators create fun and meaningful opportunities for students to engage with each other around educational planning, establish shared values, and find their own individual empowerment.  Strategic planning and capital project development are excellent avenues for developing strong student ownership and leadership.

Supporting Executive Leadership Development

Our executive coaching and leadership capacity building is customized to fit the needs of participating clients. Outcomes include, but are not limited to, developing stronger internal operations, school/district administrator support and mentoring for managing transitions, communication and branding tools, group facilitation processes for building strong teams, and strategies for strengthening community-based leadership.

Developing Equity Competency Training

We provide a series of professional learning training sessions for public and private entities that assist to ensure equity driven practices. Our extensive needs assessment is followed by a customized program of support that identifies personnel entities that would benefit exposure to equity beliefs and practices.

Encouraging Diverse Workforces

We offer our clients our years of experience with outreach, workforce development, support structures for navigating diverse communities, and strategic communication systems that ensure developing and retaining diverse workforces.

Facility Assessment & Long-Range Facility Planning

We presently employ certified assessors, a requirement for school districts that are pursuing various Department of Education grants.  Our professionals can work with you through this entire process, assembling the necessary teams, generating the facility assessments and required reports. After completing the assessments and long-range planning, our teams can help you with a variety of pre-bond services to help your district succeed in passing and then executing your bond construction program. Additional consulting services include the following:

  • Conduct Facility Assessment
  • Provide Long Range Facility Master Planning
  • Assist with Pre-Bond and Bond Campaign
  • Perform Constructability Review/Value Engineering Studies
  • Manage Seismic Grant Projects
  • Maximize Energy Incentive Grants
  • Facilitate Development of Project Funding Plan