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Green Design Focus

At Wenaha Group, we live in design and construction mode every day, and as a result our team has a PELC-EXT 020unique perspective on integrating sustainability and energy efficiency throughout our projects.  We’ve long been a partner with the Energy Trust of Oregon, not just as a registered Trade Ally, but serving as a proponent of the Energy Trust of Oregon’s mission and supporting its overall objectives as well.

Wenaha Group became a Project Steward of the Earth Advantage program in 2014, completed our first Earth Advantage project in August, 2015, and are currently working on other Earth Advantage projects.  The prescriptive approach to the Earth Advantage program is a solid complement to the Energy Trust of Oregon’s New Buildings program, and by aligning the approach of the two respective programs Wenaha Group has found an efficient, effective method to meet the objectives of the our clients while making it cost effective and cohesive for all team members involved.

Wenaha Group is also working closely with the Energy Trust of Oregon navigating our clients through The Path to Net Zero Program. The program is centered on meeting the minimum building standards of the Architecture 2030 Challenge and is supported by the ETO with enhanced cash incentives and technical assistance.

All of our Project Managers have and continue to manage projects that focus on green design or that focus on sustainability to reduce the carbon footprint of our client’s projects.  We consider ourselves a leader in learning, exploring and assisting our clients with obtaining incentives, building strategies and meeting their sustainability goals.